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Find answers to your common questions. We may not have the vast knowledge of a big sister or big brother, but we do know a lot about composting.

How do I get started with home composting?2021-11-02T10:58:15-06:00

Simply create a FarmMatch account and order a starter bucket. Visit the Get Started page for information on how to create your account and get your starter bucket.

How much does it cost?2020-07-03T14:02:08-06:00

We charge $5.45 if you drop off your bucket at a FarmMatch drop point or $6.60 – $7.75 for home pick up depending on where you live. If you order $20 or more of Haderlie Farms food items we credit $4.75 back to your account.

What can I include in my bucket?2021-03-16T19:46:13-06:00

You can include anything that is food, including meat, bones, and shells.

Can I include coffee filters?2021-03-16T19:45:52-06:00

Coffee filters are fine to include.

Can I have my bucket picked up automatically each week?2019-11-30T21:52:16-07:00

Yes, simply create a recurring order in FarmMatch that includes a food scrap pick up and it will be automatically ordered for you every week.

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